2020 will be remembered for many things: a global pandemic, a shutdown of the economy, racial justice protests and the presidential election.

2020 should also be remembered as the worst year in history for US gun violence. America set new records for gun violence in 2020 by virtually every measure: gun homicides, shootings, injuries, children and teens killed or injured by guns, mass shootings and unintentional shootings. The only significant gun violence metric that did not establish a new record in 2020 was gun suicides, which recorded the 2nd highest number in history, slightly lower than 2018.

It is no…

In Part 1 of A Brief History of the Second Amendment, we reviewed the factors that led to the origination of the Second Amendment as part of the Bill of Rights, and some of the early legal interpretations of it through 1939. Part 2 covers the activity and rulings on the Second Amendment that bring us to the present day.

Originalism and the NRA

“Originalism” is a legal school of thought, which claims that the only way to interpret the Constitution is to ask what it meant at the time it was enacted, in the 1700’s. This was a radical…

The Second Amendment was written in 1790 and ratified a year later. It reads just 27 words:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Today, the meaning of these 27 words are highly disputed, often misunderstood and subject to heated debates among lawyers and citizens alike.

For over 200 years, the Second Amendment led a relatively quiet life. It was well understood by the courts, and was reaffirmed several times. Its meaning was not hotly contested, challenged in courts or…

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It is rare when tens of thousands of people die every year in the US from the same cause, and no one seems to takes notice. But that is exactly the situation with gun violence in America. Tens of thousands of Americans die from gun violence every year, and tens of thousands more are injured. Yet we, as a country, seem unable or unwilling to deal with this problem, or even take notice of the scale of it. Gun violence has become so prevalent in our society, that we seem almost used to it. …

Free From Gun Violence

We aim to expose the extent of gun violence in America, and envision a future free from gun violence. Join us to reduce gun violence. freefromgunviolence.org

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